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An icon of a sparkling clean house with a spray bottle, gloves, vacuum, broom, and bucket signifying the tools necessary for a deep house cleaning

Deep Cleans

If your home has not been cleaned in a while (~3 months), this is what you need to get started. We'll restore your home to it's healthiest and happiest condition.

What's included?

A deep clean is a comprehensive and thorough cleaning process that goes beyond cleaning on a standard level. It involves cleaning areas that are often neglected and addresses built-up dirt, grime, and hidden dust. It aims to restore the home to a pristine condition. Deep cleaning can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is typically performed less frequently than a standard cleaning, with the intentions to address more stubborn messes, eliminate allergens, and refresh the home thoroughly. Choose this option if your home has not been cleaned within the last 6 months.

Not sure what you need?

Is there something you would like for us to do that you don’t see on this list? Leave us a note or submit a video when requesting a quote and we’ll be sure to discuss it with you.

Deep Cleaning - Healthy Happy Homes