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Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

Experience the best carpet cleaning service in Denver with Healthy Happy Homes. Our expert team utilizes eco-friendly products and advanced techniques for a healthier and happier home.

What's included?

Your carpet cleaning experience with Healthy Happy Homes begins with a thorough assessment by our trained technician. They conduct an initial walkthrough of your home to pinpoint any areas of concern, paying special attention to spots, stains, and high-traffic zones. Any hidden contamination, such as pet stains, bodily fluids, mold, or mildew will be detected with a black light ensuring a comprehensive cleaning process. Once the initial setup is complete and the scope of work is confirmed, an expert technician will provide a meticulous 5-step very low moisture (VLM) process. This innovative technique ensures effective cleaning while minimizing drying time to prevent mold and mildew growth allowing you to swiftly return to enjoying your refreshed carpets.

Our standard carpet cleaning is great for food & drink spills, high traffic areas and normal wear and tear. If the carpets have severe pet stains, any bodily fluids, or anything that needs to be properly disinfected and deodorized an additional treatment is required.

Carpet cleaning disinfection treatment is required if the carpets have sever pet stains, any bodily fluids, or anything abnormal. Our disinfection treatment is priced per application depending on the severity of the contamination, the more applications used, the stronger it becomes. One single application in an area is great for deodorizing minor pet stains and providing a light fragrance. For more severe cases, multiple applications may be required in order to guarantee our work. 

Not sure what you need?

Is there something you would like for us to do that you don’t see on this list? Leave us a note or submit a video when requesting a quote and we’ll be sure to discuss it with you.

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